Got Teeth? Wear a mouthguard!

If you’ve Got Teeth and play a contact sport or one with the possibility of an impact through a fall or collision, then you should be wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard! It’s that simple.

Don’t worry; we have heard all the excuses as to why people put off getting a custom-fitted mouthguard ….. ‘I haven’t got time to go to the dentist!’ ‘It’s quicker to get one at the chemist.’ ‘Basketball is pretty safe!’ The list goes on ….

But here’s the rub – you only get one set of teeth so why take the risk?

As a basketball parent I am constantly alarmed at the number of kids not wearing mouthguards. I’ve sat on the sidelines of the basketball court watching my child’s basketball team train and play for a few years now. Three times now I have witnessed the same go-getter child get an elbow, shoulder and head to their mouth. Each time this occurred during a training session! Fortunately for this boy these impacts resulted in a few tears and a couple bloody lips and a wobbly tooth.

If you’ve had a few of these “Phew!” moments then it might be time to think again. That basketball child who survived these mouth impacts relatively unscathed has a very high probability of being the adult who bites into an apple or a delicious gooey piece of nougat to find that their tooth snaps off at the gum line.

Of course, having a tooth break off randomly will be written down to bad luck, but the fact is that teeth that have experienced an impact or repeated impacts are highly likely to suffer nerve damage and serious problems in later life.

Root canal treatments, extractions, implants and crowns are all expensive, painful and time consuming dental treatments that no-one would choose to experience!

Wouldn’t you rather do what you can to avoid dental trauma now or later in life?

It’s pretty simple. As we say, if you’ve Got Teeth! Wear A Mouthguard when playing sport; make sure it’s a custom-fitted mouthguard. Proven to be 69 times more effective that an over the counter mouthguards or not wearing a mouthguard at all, custom-fitted mouthguards are recommended by the Australian Dental Association, Sports Medicine Australia and the Department of Education.

The Wear A Mouthguard program takes away all the excuses! Our convenient, cost effective and fun service comes to schools, sporting clubs and stadiums!

If you agree that your child (or yourself!) deserves a mouthguard of the highest quality then visit or call 1800 MOUTHGUARD to find out how easy it is to have our Sports Mouthguard Van visit you!