A fresh approach to mouthguards for children

Schools and sporting clubs…

  • We come to you for coordinated mouthguard-fitting sessions
  • We bring our fully customised Sports Mouthguard Van
  • simple – convenient – great value – fun

The Wear a Mouthguard™ program is an initiative of respected Melbourne dental professional, Dr Caitlin Oakley. Over recent years she has become increasingly concerned about the high incidence of dental, facial and head injuries at local sporting club level; juniors and seniors alike. Her passion for reducing these often avoidable injuries led to the creation of the Wear a Mouthguard™ program and the Sports Mouthguard Van, which focus on producing quality and affordable mouthguards for children as well as senior players.

Wear a Mouthguard™ operates under the umbrella of Dr Oakley’s dental practice, Fresh Dentistry, located in Blackburn in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Our mobile service has been specifically developed for sporting clubs, teams, schools and other organisations requiring quality mouthguards for children, teen or adult players. Our mobile dental team will come to you, and professionally and efficiently take mouth impressions of your club or school’s pre-registered players. Your custom-fitted mouthguard will be promptly delivered to the school or club in a protective case.


WAMG About Us

Fit mouthguards for all the children in your care

Wear a Mouthguard™ is a brilliant way of ensuring your whole sports team or school has the correct protection for their teeth. To discuss our mobile service for custom mouthguards in more detail contact us online or phone 1800 Mouthguard.